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Viva Flex Partials L.F.


VIVA FLEX PARTIALS L.F. is a new type of LOW FLEXIBILITY polyamide available in loose format.

The container holds 500gr, this equates to 25 large cartridges.

Indications: for extensive cases, but it's also suitable for maintainers and saddles

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  • Polyamide with low flexibility
  • Absorption virtually nonexistent
  • From continuous R&D by Dental Flex Italia
  • The finishing has never been so easy & fast
  • 6 colours available to suit every need
  • Polishing is incredible, you will not believe you own eyes
  • How to use Viva Flex Partials L.F. & colours available


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Weight 0.357 kg
Dimensions 13 cm

LF-0, LF-1, LF-2, LF-3, LF-4, LF-5, LF-6

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